At Atelier Lotte Martens, we have been choosing a collection of luxury fabrics for women for years, with sustainability as our starting point. By sustainable, we don’t just mean that we pay close attention to the used materials and production methods. We also advocate slow fashion: carefully choosing fabrics, enjoying the sewing, and wearing them for a long time.

Take the time to sew for yourself and choose fabrics that suit you and therefore not necessarily the prevailing fashion colour. Browse through your wardrobe: the pieces you’ve worn for years are often the ones that flatter you because of their colour!

That is why we are launching season colour boxes: a box full of luxury fabrics in 4 colour pallets.

For each of the 4 seasonal types you can choose between 2 boxes: a Small and a Large box. Each box contains a capsule closet of fabrics within your colour palette at a very competitive price.


You’ve probably already been in the fitting room with a blouse that looked beautiful on the rack, but made your face look a bit dull when you looked in the mirror. Or the opposite: you tried on something you weren’t sure about, and it made your skin glow. Whether or not you stand out with a colour depends on the undertone of your skin, the colour of your hair, and your eyes. As you may remember from your drawing lessons, colours react to the colour you hold next to them. A pink area suddenly looks completely different when you hold a yellow area next to it. Exactly the same happens with your clothes and your skin! And that is why one colour makes you feel sick, and another colour makes your face bloom!

Even without an analysis by a specialist, we can guide you to the right box with a simple test! Do this self-test and find out which discount box is right for you!


It is not so much the actual colour of a garment that determines whether you look good with it or not, but the temperature. For example, you may look good in olive green but fade when wearing emerald green. To know your seasonal type, first determine the temperature.

GOLD AND SILVER TEST – For this test, you need a silver-coloured object and a gold-coloured one. A colour analyst uses cloth, but it works just as well with gold paper and silver foil. Or look for a bowl or dish in your home in these shades. You can even do it with (large) jewellery! Find a place with sufficient neutral daylight and put one hand on the silver and the other on the gold. Do the test with the inside of your wrist as well. You will see that with the right shade your skin will look more even and smooth. With the wrong shade, all irregularities are more noticeable and it does not match your skin: sometimes you even see red spots that you did not notice before. Does gold make you look even? Then you are a warm type. Does silver make you look more even? Then you are the cool type.

VEIN TEST –Look at the veins on the inside of your wrists. If they are rather bluish, you are the cool type, if they are rather greenish, you are the warm type. The best way to see this is to compare it with someone else!

MAKE-UP TEST –Do you have any idea which make-up base tones you look best with? Especially your foundation gives you direction. If you can best get rid of unevenness with a yellow undertone foundation, you are a warm type. If you need one with a rosy undertone, you are cool!

Determined the temperature? Then circle one answer per row in the table! The column with the most circles is your season!

Do you know your type? Then click on the right box, and find out all about the colours and fabrics that suit you!

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