We are happy that you received a gift voucher of Atelier Lotte Martens! We are curious what you are going to spoil yourself with.

Whether it’s fabrics or one of our boxes: we do all we can to ensure a great making experience with clear explanations and top quality materials.

The mini DIY kit that comes with your gift voucher is already a warm-up!

What’s in the Gift Box

  • 1 piece of hand printed fake leather
  • 1 clasp
  • 1 key ring

What do you need?

  • Fabric scissors
  • Ruler or geodesic
  • Pen

Cut 2 strips of 2.3 cm wide from the fake leather. Mark on the back with a pen.

Cut the strips to 1 piece 16 cm long and 4 pieces 6 cm long.

Cut the four short pieces in the same way:
– Draw a mark on the left 2 cm from the bottom edge
– Cut in a diagonal line: from the bottom right point to the mark.
It is especially important that the 4 pieces are cut in the same way. Therefore, use your first strip as a cutting template: after cutting strip 1, cut the next one by placing strip 1 on top and trimming the bottom strip

Turn 2 of the 4 strips with the black side up.

Place on top of each other as shown.

Fold the long strip in half with the wrong sides together.

Place the pairs of short strips against the folded long strip, one pair on each side, as shown. Make sure all the top edges are nicely together.

Place the clamp on the table with the pin side up. Slide it all into the clamp, nicely centred, all the way to the edge.

Push the clamp firmly shut.

Attach the ring to the clamp.