Did you do the COLOUR ANALYSIS and are you a WINTERTYPE? Then this is our advice!

If you are a winter type, then you look best with cool colours: colours with a blue base. For example, all blues, but also purple tones such as aubergine. It is a misconception that winter types only look good with dark colours: dark hard colours are indeed flattering, but to contrast, there are also light colours that are perfect for a winter type, such as lilac or cold white-yellow.

A winter type looks very good with hard black/white contrasts and with bold colours: fuschia, lemon yellow and cobalt blue.

These combinations work well for a winter type: dark brown with a bright accent (e.g. fuschia or turquoise), black combined with white, or black combined with a bright colour: purple, bright green, lemon yellow or fuschia. Bright billiard green is also a top colour for a winter type.

For WINTER TYPES, we have two DISCOUNT BOXES in our range:

LARGE: minimum 6 metres of fabric (including 2 hand-printed panels) with 2 bias tapes at EUR 69.99 instead of EUR 159.99!

SMALL: minimum 4 metres of fabric (including 1 hand-printed panel) with 2 bias tapes at EUR 39.99 instead of  EUR 89.99!

Curious about your colour type? Take the test, and find out which box suits you best!

AUTUMN BOX: now available! 

SPRING BOX: 21/01/2022

SUMMER BOX: 28/01/2022

At Atelier Lotte Martens, we have been choosing a collection of luxury fabrics for women for years, with sustainability as our starting point. By sustainable, we don’t just mean that we pay close attention to the used materials and production methods. We also advocate slow fashion: carefully choosing fabrics, enjoying the sewing, and wearing them for a long time.

Take the time to sew for yourself and choose fabrics that suit you and therefore not necessarily the prevailing fashion colour. Browse through your wardrobe: the pieces you’ve worn for years are often the ones that flatter you because of their colour!

That is why we are launching season colour boxes: a box full of luxury fabrics in 4 colour pallets.

For each of the 4 seasonal types there will be 2 boxes: a Small and a Large box. Each box contains a capsule closet of fabrics within your colour palette at a very competitive price.

We will launch a new season every week in January 2022. The already launched seasons will remain available on our website during the sales month! Buy your season box before the 30th of January.