We are launching: the Lotte Martens candy store!

You have a fabric shop and you’d like to order? We can provide you with an order form and pricelist: contact us through info@lottemartens.com.

Fabrics like candies. Vivid colors, crackling packaging, a little piece of textile delight. Unpacking them is like a party: release your creativity and use this little pearl to sew a unique detail. With our CANDY STORE collection we launch a new concept in the DIY world: that of uni + detail. This collection consists of solids in three qualities and matching candy fabrics (29 x 42 cm). They wish to inspire you to create a classy single-colored garment with some subtle print details.

The recipe for a sweet outfit?

  1. Choose an accent fabric  from our candy store
  2. Choose the matching uni fabric
  3. Cut your complete pattern from the uni fabric. Use the accent fabric for details like a pocket, a collar or a cuff.
  4. Tadaaah! Little sweet, huge result!

(To check if your pattern pieces fit into a fat eighth fabric piece? Lay two A4-sized printing papers next to each other and position your pattern piece onto it. If the pattern piece fits onto the papers, it will also fit into a candy fabric!)

About the fabric qualities:

  • Tencel is an ecological fibre made from eucalyptus trees. It has a silky texture and has no stretch in it.
  • Punta di Roma is a heavy interlock jersey usable on both sides
  • Jersey is a thin stretch fabric often used for sewing T-shirts.

About the prints (left to right): Allium, Moli, Carex and Zilt

In fashion colors like khaki, pink and yellow fluo, supplemented with timeless basics like black and dark blue, this collection is meant for ladies and gentlemen of all ages. A cool chest pocket or a sweet dress? Come shopping in our candy store!

On an other shelf in our candy store, we are serving fresh DIY packs.

“The Lotte Martens fabrics are so beautiful, but I can’t sew, I can only attach a button.”

Something we often hear, so we came up with a solution. Attaching a button really is the only skill you need to get started with our new DIY packs!

A package consists of:

  • an interfaced piece of fabric with beautiful print;
  • two buttons;
  • a paper manual with photo instructions;
  • two paper patterns.

You choose the version of your taste, cut the fabric according to the pattern and fold it as the instructions tell you: in no time you end up with a nice basket or a beautiful plant holderThe basket is a decorative container for wool, pens, desk accessories or for two flower pots next to each other. A flower pot with an upper diameter of 10 to 11 cm fits perfectly into the plant hanger. 

You’d like to order? We can provide you with an order form and pricelist: contact us through info@lottemartens.com.