“The Lotte Martens fabrics are so beautiful, but I can’t sew, I can only attach a button.”

Something we often hear, so we came up with a solution. Attaching a button really is the only skill you need to get started with our new DIY packs!

A package consists of:

  • an interfaced piece of fabric with beautiful print;
  • two buttons;
  • a paper manual with photo instructions;
  • two paper patterns.

You choose the version of your taste, cut the fabric according to the pattern and fold it as the instructions tell you: in no time you end up with a nice basket or a beautiful plant holder.

The basket is a decorative container for wool, pens, desk accessories or for two flower pots next to each other. A flower pot with an upper diameter of 10 to 11 cm fits perfectly into the plant hanger.

We provided the packages with a beautiful packaging, as a treat for those who deserve a present. Your mother, for example. Or perhaps it’s just a gift for yourself!