Choice stress! Every sewing process contains a dose of healthy doubt. With or without corresponding procrastination: do I go for contrasting or matching threads? Do I use colour blocking or do I go for the tranquillity of uni?

For our new sewingboxes, we wiped the road for a nearly choose-less sewing process: the new sweaters-in-a-box are all about matchy matchy!

This special box is available in two prints: the Florentes flower print, or the Cypress spot print.

You choose from our uni colours: ochre, petrol, dark green, mint green, dusty pink, caramel or brick red. We puzzle everything in a box based on your choice of colour!

The box has a value of 65.59 euros and can now be purchased in a limited edition at 47.99 euros. You will receive a pattern, a garment and a fine sewing moment in exchange!

What is in the Cypres/Florentes box? 

  • 1,3 m About Blue Uni French Terry with shiny print in matching print colour: a handmade silkscreen print by Lotte Martens (guaranteed washfast and printed in a durable way)
  • 45 cm About Blue ribbing fabric
  • paper About Blue pattern Over & Over (sweater/bomber/cardigan)
  • matching yarn

SEW OUT OF THE BOX: choose your print

Florentes of Cypres

SEW OUT OF THE BOX: choose your color

make a selection out of our rainbow: petrol, dark green, mint, brick, dusty pink, caramel or ochre

Thoroughly colourful, that’s what our uni fabrics are about!

TIP: The back of the uni French Terry has the same colour! This allows you to add a beautiful textured accent to your jumper. Over & Over has a stripe across the shoulder and side seam: use the looped side of the fabric to add an extra dimension to your sewing..

1 meter 30 of fabric for a whole sweater? That may sound on the narrow side, but the fabric has a width of 150 cm! So in reality you have enough for the sweater option of Over & Over. This is an example of the cutting scheme in the largest size: