Sylvia (blogging at Lily & Woody) is a Lotte Martens fan straight from the beginning. You should definitely take a look at her blog to see everything she made out of our fabrics so far! This time she used her creativity with our Accessory fabric. And best of all: she’s explaining you how to alter the pattern to make this plant basket!

  1. Cut a rectangle according to the size of your plant pot. (Mine was 16 x 42 cm)
    1. Width = circumference of the pot + 2 cm seam allowance
    2. Height = measured from the top edge of the pot to the centre of the bottom + 2 cm seam allowance
  2. Cut 3 little rectangles used to hang the basket


3. Sew the side and bottom seam at 1 cm. 


4. Fold the basket over the bottom to create 2 corner ‘triangles’. Pin and sew both corners (see picture below for the result). Clip the corners. 


5. Stitch the little flaps to the inside. Attach a kamsnap to the loose end and to the basket, to hang the basket.

The basket can be used in a plant stand or as a hanging plant pot.

I made it as a gift for Mother’s Day, but it fits perfectly into my own urban jungle too  🙂

I used the leftovers of the A3-sized fabric to sew a zipper purse for my mom’s make-up. Two presents for the price of one, and 100% hand made!

Interested to see more of Sylvia’s work? Follow her blog Lily en Woody!