Winter surprise box – large

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Last meters – limited edition!
Winter surprise package: an assortment of pearls from the Lotte Martens Stock at unseen prices. Each box contains hours of sewing fun with top quality fabrics.
For this sale price you get at least 6 meters of fabric, including 2 hand-printed panels.

More fabrics for winter types? There is also a small version of this box.
In January 2022, we will launch a box a week in a specific colour palette, according to the four seasonal skin types. Each season will have a small and a large box! So keep an eye on our website.

What’s in the Winter Box large?

  • 1 panel plain viscose handprinted (1,2 m x 1,5 m)*.
  • 1 panel scuba handprinted (60 x 1.45 m)*
  • 1.5 m plain silk (width: 90 cm)*
  • 1,5 m crepe Viscose (width: 1,35 m)*
  • 1 m surprise fabric (various qualities)*
  • 45 cm jersey (width: 1,7 cm)*
  • 2 x 1m viscose biais tape*

*Please note: the fabrics you receive may differ from those shown in the example. The quantity and quality is identical, the colours and prints differ per surprise box (but of course we stay in the winter type palette)! That’s the deal!

ATTENTION! Our team is lovely but small. 🙂  Delivery can take up to 5 working days. We try to ship all orders as soon as possible. Thanks for understanding!

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